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02/25/2014 16:21

Predictive Power: Points Per Play in 2013

The purpose of each stat or rating on this site is to accurately describe what has already occurred during the season. However, it is also helpful to...
02/18/2014 12:46

New Stats: Net Yards Percentage and Net Points Percentage

One of the biggest reasons for using more advanced ratings instead of the basic stats in a box score is their high Win Correlation (WC). Teams simply...
02/18/2014 10:01

Team QBR: 2013 Year In Review

The Team QBR functions like a standard quarterback rating, except it measures the entire offense. Points, turnovers and QB pressures are weighed in a...

Featured Story

02/11/2014 12:01

Starting Field Position: 2004-2013

One of the most important ratings in football is the quarterback rating (QBR). The NFL has its own rating system that only measures passing attempts while excluding all types of QB pressures,...
07/22/2013 13:28

QBR Team Efficiency Under Review

Almost every stat or rating has a limited effectiveness in some way. This site has never been about using one stat to describe everything that occurs in a game or over the course of an entire season....
07/11/2013 11:53

Win Correlation - Quarterback Rating

This is the fourth and final article covering the efficiency stats with a high correlation to winning football games. While this stat is in the process of being updated to account for one additional...


09/13/2012 12:26

C2V - Touchdown-Turnover Ratio

Here is Part Three of my study on the statistics that matter most when analyzing the success of a...
09/13/2012 12:25

C2V - Yards Per Throw

A few days ago, I began a series on what it takes to be a successful QB in the NFL. One of the...
09/13/2012 12:23

C2V - Passing Yards

When measuring the quarterback position compared to any other position in football, or in all of...

Featured Stat

10/07/2012 09:13

Starting Field Position

Of all the statistics on this site, few are as simple as this one. This records the number of...
09/28/2012 12:05

Points Per Possession

The purposes here is to measure how often a team scores based on its total number of possessions...
09/20/2012 15:02

Negative Plays

Turnovers and sacks are not the only plays that are a good measure of a successful defense. Tackles...
09/13/2012 18:00

Net Yards Per Attempt

This newly created stat includes every potential pass play by a quarterback. Each completed pass,...

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